How to make

Paper Mache is a task which it can take form several  method  is very easy and  simple techniques. The materials used are readily available and the paper used. New paper or no paper pattern for the outer layer to provide color information can be found in the market. The principles of Paper Mache. Cut new paper into small pieces  and put in the water until tender . Put that to the layout  multi-layer  each layer is add glue to . Makeup done. It is decorated with color. Paper Mache is a work of imagination, you can create your own by investing a little unique.

The materials used in making paper Mache are as follows.
· The right template.
· Scissors.
· Petroleum Jelly.
· Paint brush / paint.
· Paper.
· Colored acrylic.
· Paste.
· Urethane.
· Profile of sandpaper.

How to Make Paper Mache.
· Template coated with petroleum jelly to the whole.
· Prepare a tear or a small piece about 1x2 inches.
 · The paper powder wet and cover on the template.
 · Cover the paper, overlapping the end of the floor.
Then they cover the same in the next layer.
 · Dry or air dry to make Paper Mache.
 · Out of the template. Use the sandpaper to smooth the contrary Paper Mache.
 Use scissors to cut out unwanted.