Bamboo craft

Thousands of years ago.The human had known how to use material beside myself  application become to used .The evolution from the simplest to the most delicate exquisite beauty in art and functionality.Respond to use very well .The culture passed on to the present .The method was help   human to produce everything for daily use .They are call this "  craft  "  which means the appliances with the intellectual tools to get the benefits of living in daily life.The invention is greater than the living

Wicker can be considered as one of the branches of handicrafts and arts crafts.That will serve the same people for thousands of years. Until now,basketry still serves at least the past .Along with the development of production methods to international  market.

It can be spread widely throughout the domestic and international.Such  as hand bag. Documents and files. The meticulous work by hand.

Paper mache thai craft story

Crafting papier. Art is one of the dynamic properties of materials.
Paper products and various pieces of ivory is believed that China was the first nationto start this kind of work.
A century ago. The people of Iran and Japan also made ​​a papier mask craft forcelebrating the festival.

17 th century was a time of crafts, papier have been a lot of European countries.
By country of France. That has been coined the craft papier Mache Spa Napier.
(Papier-Mâché), which comes from the Shakespeare Club (Papier) refers to thepaper Mache (Mâché) means.
Compression or occlusion of the pattern.

Thailand country compressor paper craft  or paper mache 
It may be assumed that "It has since  Ayutthaya was the capital"Which appeared in the royal chronicles of Ayutthaya when King Prasat ThongLbsakrach of the year.
Tiger is the favorite to Cancun to play primitive. The play is about the ancientSwmhawokn.
The show and also appeared in the eyes of children, Bishop Richard came into thecountry. In the reign of King Narai the Great.

When the 2228 was attributed to the cremation " there is wearing mask before cremation "
The Rev. Richard eye can not understand how to play video recorded. Express the same.Ghost Dance by the actors pantomime the first to write a movie, this is a giant monkey face.Etc. It's not easy. And a waste of time to prepare for it. When a problem like this.The idea is to find a way to make a mask. The imitation of ancient sculpture, which is fabricated as a single story.And in literature such as the giant creatures, etc. And when Mrs. Lincoln was attributed.The video was taken of the picture that is inspired to make a mask. You could say that.In the procession, wearing the same mask. No one is perfect, the beauty of the Thai Red.Although wearing a mask in a mask such as India, Ceylon, Burma, Indonesia.
Japan, China, Laos, Cambodia. 

The mask that we wear is called a "mask".

The method used in the invention by means of a full face
The use of paper. Paper moistened with water or powder to cover the woodencarving thick enough. I love the sun, then with water.
The mask is painted in gold leaf to the color of each mask. This looks like a mask.
The paper puppet of Thailand during the reign of six recorded.

Crafting papier. Paper Mache or based on faith.
Folk tradition has been carried out and the local head of the puppet.
The sheep mask. (Kratagw bet Tiger) to mask the head.
The types of uses generally include piggy saving coin .

Which is produced in more than 60 years ago (about a year after World War 2 )
There was invention  variety animals  style to sale .

The craft of papier Thailand has gradually developed in both formats and techniques to ever since.
There is manufactured  to respond the commercial  international market . A new design that looks modern and more realistic.Manufactured with the type of use.

Example this is how to make paper mache  Bowl

Example  Fruit tray  , animal doll  ,mask  ,images board   improve the colors to make more market value.

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